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We are a psp group for those who psp, those wanting to learn and those who don't. We offer psp challenges, games & activities, fun & friendship for all! The group is copyright compliant without exception.

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How to catch exception window written in JavaScript?

Hi all, Recently I found a problem when testing Web UI with selenium. If UI has a runtime exception, and pop up an exception window, selenium can catch this exception and log the message. However, if the exception window is a part of Web UI, which is

Selenium RC exception

Hello, i am getting the following exception Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/io/Console at org.testng.remote.RemoteTestNG.main( i have imported*. Does anyone know the

Element is not found exception

i am using selenium for generating script ,if i run the script then i am getting element not found exception. this is my script file: -------------------- //* 1. To test all the module links are working are not. package TestPackage; impor

How to handle exception in selenium

I am using selenium.But when i run the selenium cases some times it is showing error.But the main problem is that this is a big application,so test steps are also more.So from this large script,i am not able to understand that upto which step it works

Break won't work

I put a break in my test, however it does not stop the test. It continues and I get the following error: [info] Executing: |break | | | [error] Unexpected Exception: fileName ->

Session ID doesn't Exist ; perhaps this session was already stopped exception seen in IE

Hello Everyone, I have just started learning Selenium. I am trying to use Selenium RC for Cross Browser Testing.While performing Cross Browser Testing I am getting error like "Session Id doesn't Exist" in IE Browser. Please give me a solution as soon a

Managment by exception

this might be something y'all want to consider...these are from blackle search 'management by exception' if you want to do your own search-don';t know if they'll hot link. reb naw, they dint...they just came glommed or blackle for a

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