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Free forum : The Banter House.

Free forum : A place where people can be free to express their opinions, with exclusions to anything that BREAKS THE LAW!.

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I want to reset a posters post count

I have tried the Synchronize a user  in the configuration section and the help button suggests that will do it, but his post count remains the same. does it take time to happen or is there some other way of doing it, or can't it be done at all

How do I bring up this (Top posters)

How do I bring up this: D "Top posters","Partners","Radio",and other

Top posters this week bars

Uhm... how can i show the top poster of this week? or month? how can i edit the bars on it? Can someone provide me with a code the same like here in forumotion..... Cause i want it to be just simple.. =)

Deleting or hiding Overall top 20 posters

So I was searching the forums and came across this code Code: div#main-content ul.linklist {     display: none !important; } This kinda did what i wanted too, but it deleted all of the text and not just the parts that

Top Posters

Hi .. Is ther any way to get an HTML code for the Top posters like on this site ? Thanks !

Latest Topics and top Posters

how can i do this in my forum? phpbb2 or punbb!

Top 10 posters| Today's top 20 posters | Today's active topics - Help.

Whenever a member clicks on these links. They get " Error you

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