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Bassheads in the NorthWest Unite. Were nwspl here to keep our hobby growing and compete as much as we can! We are an fun group in the north west and areas around it. Come join and introduce yourself!

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Ruff's Fifa League - Season 07 - League Table

Ruff's Fifa League Play Fair!! Play Ruff!! Ruff's Fifa League - Season 07 League Table Well that is another Season that has come and gone and below is the final league standings for Season 07! We had some cracking matches played and also the

Hard bosses

We've all encountered them. Bosses or enemies that frustrate you to no end. With their cheap-shot attacks and massive health they'll make any gamer go *FUUUU- * Post any memories you may have of such an encounter! I'll start off with the boss I'

Free Kick Specialist BPL this is what I have and currently looking for free kick taker...Gardner is good for power free kick but his curve and free kick accuracy is not really that good first one who come to my mind was Arteta but already

KICK/BAN from HC Conquest

My friends and I were just kicked and banned for 1440 minutes. We were playing under the names of famous movie actors: Kurt Russell, David Hasseloff, and Gary Busey. These are new soldiers we created out of boredom. You may have seen us playing on your

Ph33r the Demon Kicker

Ah! Brigit the Demon Kicker. She's short, portly, wears glasses and a revealing modern take on the classic Barbarian Queen costume and carries an unfeasably large sword! What more can someone want from a comic strip heroine? I think that you are onto

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