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Rebecca Ferguson - "Heaven"

Rebecca was the runner-up X Factor 2010...but her new album has just been released. She sounds amazing!! To me its in my top 3 albums of 2011, and I think she has the classy-ness of Adele teamed with the edge and grit of our lovely Joss. Hoping to see her


My jaw hit the floor when I saw this today!! I knew SJP has toured with JLL in 1995, but never got any information apart from that... now, look what a nice song!!! BTW, he never played on that album, "Young Blood".

Rufus Speedy Jones & James Brown

I did not know at all that Rufus Speedy Jones played with James Brown, does anybody here know if he recorded with James Brown though, because I can't seem to find that, if he did. The fact that he was with Brown is all over the internet, but I can't find

Craig Ferguson Show

Joss will be on the Craig Ferguson Show Los Angeles 14th February 2012

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