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Do DSiWare games look as pixelated as DS Cartridge games on the 3DS?

I've been looking around, and it doesn't seem to have come up anywhere. I would figure it does but I don't know.

Metal Torrent (DSiware) review

Phase Clear Bullet Hell shooters are visual showpiece of obsession. The screen fills with cloudburst of balletic patterns in deadly chromatic colors and the player’s job is to avoid the obsession. That’s not the case when playing Metal Torrent. The

DSiware Demos

dsiware demos, how do you get them? Ive been Looking around the dsi shop and cant find them

Rumormill: DSiWare Shop To Be Shut-Down By The End of This Year!

All Good Things Must Come To An End! There are new rumors circulating around the web and one in particular has caught our attention, according to this new rumor the DSiWare service will be shut-down by the end of the year. Which will be the first

99 Seconds (DSiWare)

I just downloaded this little abstract gem of a game the other day, with the remaining balance in my eShop account. So far, I'm really surprised at how good this game actually is for only costing 200 points/$2.00. Have any other WiiWareWave members

Any good DSiware adventure games at 500 points or less?

I've got 500 Nintendo points and would like to get a new adventure game,but are there any decent DSiware adventure games in my price range

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