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Hanging up the duel disk.

Well, there comes a time in everyone's life were it's almost time to stop doing something that we all enjoy. Lately, I've lost my passion for dueling again. The spark is no longer there. While it'd be logical to use other decks in attempt to 'get that

1950s Disk Cases

Back in the 50s, teenagers would carry around their 45s in a colorful aftermarket Disk-go-Case. I have two of them in turquoise and hot yellow. I like them because they eliminate the necessity of returning the 45s to their paper sleeves after they are

How to make reed valves out of a floppy disk

Quite awhile back I said I would write a how to on making reeds out of floppy disk material (the disk housed inside the square shell). Since most people no longer use floppy disks and many people who have owned a computer before the early 2000s likely hav

Duel Disk

I need a help with something,i dont know where to buy Duel Disk in Serbia.I can understand if nobody visit this topic,Anyway Thanks for time. :?:

Picking up the duel disk

hi there guys!,im finally back here, i know,want to appologise,had a sudden dissapearance,but i had somr IRL issues i got...kidnapped by aliens!!!!!!!!!!(dun dun dun)...nah,just teasing,truth is,i had some work for college,since on my school they want to

The Black Disk

I came across this recently and it looks like it's got potential Give it a look see, guys :3 The Black Disk The twitter feed Started with the minor cross over from Mark's blog

Help! What does a computer hard drive disk look like?

Almost certainly, this will sound like a stupid question to anyone who knows anything about the insides of a computer. But I don't, so here goes.. I have to mail off my defunct computer's hard drive disk for data retrieval, but having gutted the bloody

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