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Know Thyself

Express yourself exactly as who and what you are - and face the consequences

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You are in my mind no way a Dionysian. You are a man of system, like all the philosophers who threaten the world with their 'systems'. You despise nihilism, you do not embrace it. You planed your life. You dare not let go of your mask. A Dionysian would

Who is Satyr?

Or shoud I say, what is Satyr's philosophy? For those of you familiar with myers/briggs personality typology, I'm betting Satyr is an INTJ. Satyr represents the philosophical Yang.. as opposed the Yin. Allow me to explain- Utilizing our intellect

Heraclitus' Fragments: Kahn

Thought I'd present a fragment everyday and assoc. commentary by Charles Kahn. Its been years and ages since I've touched him, thought I'd recall him here with all. If someone would like to break the fragments etymologically, word by word in greek as in


Should these... things, be classified as Homosapien? Australoids, aka Australian Aborigines, are the indigenous population of Australia. They faced a similar fate native americans faced when Europeans began colonizing Australia. Many of the


Fascism. Quote :"On the first point we must say that there does not exist in Italy today a Right worthy of this name, a Right as a unified political force that is organised and furnished with a precise doctrine. What is currently called the Right in

Women. The Primal Instigators And Bane Of Men.

Women are the primal instigators and bane of men. I don't think there really is anymore profound statement I can make when it concerns articulating a opinion that I have of women. We can see it when it concerns sexual competition in the infighting of

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