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Know Thyself

Express yourself exactly as who and what you are - and face the consequences

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The Dungeon:

The Dungeon:Garbage Dump: Where genetic filth, the mentally stunted, and the emotionally retarded are put away.Then the dungeon is where I would choose to live.What foolish, delusional hierarchy would pull me away from it?


Sloterdijk wrote:"In truth, the seductive element of the Sirens' music does not stem from a nature-like sensuality, as Adorno still mistakenly supposed. Rather, it seems to be the nature of these singes not to display any charms of their own…The secret

Who is Satyr?

Or shoud I say, what is Satyr's philosophy?For those of you familiar with myers/briggs personality typology, I'm betting Satyr is an INTJ.Satyr represents the philosophical Yang.. as opposed the Yin. Allow me to explain-Utilizing our intellect

Schizophrenia (Another Look)

I think schizophrenia can just as easily result from too much reality as it can from too little.I used to work with a man who had schizophrenia.It wasn't primarily physiological, for he developed it in prison, in his early 30s.You see, prison

All things have more/less equal value

So far.. I haven't seen much philosophizing going on here.. I'm a little disappointed.The lie is that there are some things and behaviours that are wholly or nearly wholly good/this and some that are wholly or nearly wholly bad/that. Reality is a mix

Quotes, Excerpts, Anecdotes.

Post quotes, excerpts, etc."Every masterful race of the world’s history has its epic. It is the tale of the fathers told to the sons. But side by side with the spoken epic is another, unspoken, yet truer and deeper. It is the tale of the race life, no

Anarchism And Political Atheism

Anarchism is political atheism. What do I mean when I say that?Anarchism is the absence of belief in politics and government like atheism is the absence of belief in religion.Anarchism is apolitical in that it views politics and government as bein

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