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Thursday Night Bangers

Thursday Night Bangers

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412 Bangers

Pittsburgh small cars

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Stoke Saturday 18th May - F2 WQCR / Van Bangers/Bangers/Stox

EARLY BOOKING LIST FOR STOKE - SATURDAY 18th May - BriSCA F2 World of shale Qualifier NOTE -STOX - KARTS WILL BE ON FROM 1.ish and due to sheer volume of cars Rods will start at! Formula Two - 45 So far! 13 Andy Ford 49 Paul Prest 70

Bangers and Stock Cars.

In my opinion they just dont go. First of all this is not a crusade against the sport of banger racing, if a person supports them and likes them i dont have a problem with that at all, and i do understand some people like both formulas, carlos perez racin

Coventry 4th Photos - ORCi Mini Stox And Erm.......Bangers

Here's a few from Coventry - 4th June.

STOKE SUNDAY 4th DECEMBER at - stock cars & bangers!

Just a reminder that the season is not over!!!! Currently Stoke Sunday has 28 Unlimited Bangers - 30 1600cc Bangers [ and growing ] - 22 Junior Bangers - 20 Open Rods and 36 Warton Stock Cars making a one off visit to Loomer Road - 136 cars and


Anyone seen that show on TV where Leepu and Bernie turn shit cars into crap cars. Their parts go-getter is a SUPER CUSTOM!

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