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Nimrod Sportsman lighter

My recently aquired Nimrod Sportsman Pipe lighter arrived back from ARS in this afternoon's mail. I found one of these at a Goodwill store I get my clothes at about 6 weeks ago. It was basically NOS with box/instruction sheet etc all together and looked a

How to light my pipe

I am soliciting thoughts about the best source of fire for a pipe--wooden matches, Bic type lighters, butane pipe lighters, Zippo type pipe lighters, best and most dependable brands of lighters, etc. Any advice/experiences appreciated.

Our own J4C memorial

Some of us local would like to set up a time to meet and pay tribute to our little angel. I posed the idea that members that could not be present could post here a message for Caylee. We can print these messages and place them in purple ballons to be

The Bob Cafe

Anyone else get up early drink coffee and have a bowl of their favorite morning toebacky?I'm having Starbucks Veranda blend, and I'm smoking some Macbaren plumcake in a Dr.grabow pot, I tend to smoke stuff like this and McClelllands 3 cherry blend i

GBD 9438 Prehistoric Restoration

I bought this GBD 9438 in Prehistoric last week, via Ebay. I thought this was going to be a simple buff and clean, but the pipe took a little more effort due to a self-inflicted issue. I cleaned the bowl with my new retort, which worked well and

Mini Mag-Lite gift transformed - and then some

Our Rob sent me a very kind gift of a mini Mag-Lite torch, we were in need of a torch at home and due to a few problems we were unable to procure one. Out of the goodness of his heart, Rob saw fit to make purchase of a mini mag-lite and sent it to us as a

Dunhill Rollalite

I was given 6 estate Dunhills and a Rollalite lighter recently and have been looking into the Rollalite a little today and have not been able to find anything on it. Do any of you guys know anything about it? Possibly where I can buy some wicks and flints

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