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Grasp at Stars RPG

Grasp at Stars is an original online RPG with a unique setting a heavy slant toward comics and anime.

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Our own J4C memorial

Some of us local would like to set up a time to meet and pay tribute to our little angel. I posed the idea that members that could not be present could post here a message for Caylee. We can print these messages and place them in purple ballons to be

The Bob Cafe

Anyone else get up early drink coffee and have a bowl of their favorite morning toebacky?I'm having Starbucks Veranda blend, and I'm smoking some Macbaren plumcake in a Dr.grabow pot, I tend to smoke stuff like this and McClelllands 3 cherry blend i

How to light my pipe

I am soliciting thoughts about the best source of fire for a pipe--wooden matches, Bic type lighters, butane pipe lighters, Zippo type pipe lighters, best and most dependable brands of lighters, etc. Any advice/experiences appreciated.

Vintage Reliance Occupied Japan Table Lighter

I was just gifted one of these old table lighters. While it looks like it should work just fine once I fill it with fuel and replace the flint, does anyone know how I can change the wick? It may light as is but the wick is pretty much toast. I would

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