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Where gods fear to tread......

I wish dat big ala was the actual where gods fear to tread event T____T

Where Gods Fear to Tread (US)

Anyone wanna do this this weekend? Call me up. Info in the Sig~

Does anyone know Alatreon's stats in "Where Gods Fear To Tread"?

I try to look at some website but it just says ???? for his stats and drop percentages.

Deviljho and Where Gods Fear to Tread[US]

I'm looking for a party to do World Eater with, I've done it 4 times in under 15 minutes due to Clusts, and I've only gotten 1 gem. I'm apparently extremely unlucky, because everyone else stuck with me the whole time got 4 or more gems... EDIT; World

Power Core Combiners

When I first saw pix of these before they were released, I thought they looked awesome. No real combiners since Energon. Then I saw them in person and was less than impressed. Not only with the price, but the limbs weren't robots, just 'drones'. Weak. I

Where Gods Fear To Tread

Come on guys... every pug I have been with so far has completely SUCKED and not been able to kill this dude. orrrr maybe this quest is way too hard and unfair?

Where Gods Fear to Tread

Sept 20 to Oct 1 Is this the suped up Alatreon I've been hearing so much about?

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