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Flight Deck Helmet

I picked up a flightdeck crewman's helmet. A little out of my colelcting field, but was certainly cheap enough. The helmet has been personalized with the addition of several Lethal Threat stickers. Front has two smaller Grim Reapers on each side. Back has

CVC Helmet

Hello, I want to know what you think of this helmet?? And price: 225 dollars?? Thank you in advance

Shadow Box for velcro patches

I went to Target and bought this simple shadow box for less than $15 then went to fabric store to buy the industrial 2" thick velcro with sticky backing. I glued the velcro on the backing of shadow box, (I found out that sticky won't stick too

Republican Guard Helmet

Hi, I bought this helmet back around 2004/5, apparently captured by a soldier of the 82nd ABN - it is either an M1 or a "Euro-clone" (or similar) of the M1 (attached to the liner it has a material chin strap pushed up on the front of the

Gentex ACH with Wilcox mount and Ops Core liner

Recent purchase. I would have preferred it a little salty but it is what it is.:

Make Up Set 42311

DOWNLOAD Set Includes: Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Blush, & Contacts. For Young Adult & Adult Female Sims. Eye Shadow: 1 color channel Eye Liner: 1 color channel Contacts: 1 color channel Blush: 2 color channels Hey guys, I hope you like this make u

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