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Lifeclan And Deathclan

Lifeclan is a clan built on the vast meadows and forest of the place these cats call home. It is a lush clan with many cats and many good times. The clan rules well with the warrior code to tank for that, as every cat follows it. They are not like th

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Thai Lotto Vip

Secret of Winning

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Thailand Lottery Thai lotto Tips Sure Number Three UP Direct Set Sure Single Digit Must Be You Win VIP Tips

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Better built media basket for JBJ 28 nano!

I also built this media basket to go in my JBJ 28 center chamber. The basket allows more water to flow through the chamber than the factory built media basket, plus it has a larger middle chamber for Chaeto to grow in. I use filter floss in the top sectio

Inexpensive, pre-built cold frames

I was poking around on Craigslist just now, and look what I found! A very nice looking cold frame that you can order for about $45. I doubt they deliver, but they are located in Springfield. I visited their main website and wow, what a place!

Well built lofts

Our Original Lofts My brothers built our first pigeon lofts when I was just five years old. They used scrap lumber and materials that they could get cheaply. The lofts weren't fancy, but they served the purpose. Because my brothers weren't great

New loft built by myself

hiya guys if ive done this photobucket lark right ? this is my new shed i made, 10' x 8' split into two sections 4' x 8' with a 2' corridor running front to back in between the two sections. boxes, perches, and birds all in just need to smarten up

My dogs have built in alarm clocks!!!!

Mya has always woken up early, but after I let her out she'll go back to bed until I decide to wake up. Ever since we got Kody (this past December) I haven't been in able to sleep past 630am EVER. Between 6am and 630am he starts whinning, crying, barking

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