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A quick testing tester testy test tool

#testing, #testers, #quick, #tester, #testy, #test, #tool

Teslawow 4.0.3.a RP-PVP Server

Teslawow 4.0.3.a RP-PVP Cataclysm Private Server - Currently in the development stage; Now Hiring Staff, Gamemasters, Moderators, Server-Testers

#teslawow, #cataclysm, #private, #server, #world, #warcraft, #craft, #tesla, #roleplay, #gamemaster, #moderator, #tester, #staff, #application, #format, #cata

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SWCR2 book v. 5.50 for testers / rating list ... available!

Hi there, my long time work :-) is available in a new version: Shredder Classic opening book for building of a rating list or if engine lovers have interest to test engine with more as 100 games ... SWCR Book v5.50 for Shredder Classic GUI -

Welcome to the Testers Group!

Dear fans of computer chess! Have an idea to create on our site Testers Group for competent testing books and engines. Conditions of entry to the group: Competence, honesty and integrity. Ability to use the Hardware and Software for qualitative

Casual Companies Looking for Beta-testers

Sign up to beta test at these developer sites.  Alphabetized, of course Absolutist Makers of the Campfire Legends series, City of Fools, and more! Alawar Makers of MANY fabulous games! Artifex Mundi Makers of Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden, the

Where are our Testers ??? New IvanHoeBetaMode tests here please

short test of "normal" mode shows WTF would "turbo " mode be like :affraid: ,its devestatingly fast on "normal " mode and stable so is beta version so i was fearing crashes 15 x 2+2 Blitz games ponder ON ,NO bases

Polytron 21r123d nid help

mga bosing cnu poh my alm n schema ng polytron 21r123d, wla kc aq mkta ky pareng google eh,. Ang trouble kc eh nung una, nwwla ang pix, tas ngging red screen taz mggng wite nmn, taz mwwla n ang screen wla n mkta, meron nmang sound. Slmat poh s 22long..

Big Thank You to the Beta Testers!

So, it's done. Finally CE 1.4 is out. First of all a big "Thank You" to the Beta Testers. It looks like you have found almost all bugs Great work there! Then a big thank you to the rest of the community, who kept me going, and provided a

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