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Free forum : Candy and Terry's Heaven

Free forum : A forum dedicated to this great couple, Candy and Terry, from the well-known manga and anime Candy Candy created by Kyoko Mizuki

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Prophets Inc

Terry Goodkind fans unite!

#prophets, #terry, #goodkind, #fans, #unite!

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New Daredevil Film in the works?

Its cool DD is being worked on again, but man it sucks fox is keeping/trying to keep hold of it still. I wish they would give it back to marvel: David Slade to direct next 'Daredevil' pic Fox taps helmer for

The delightful but often misunderstood John Terry

From The Times Wednesday 26th October 2011 by Matthew Syed - John Terry, son of Mr Terry (drug dealer) and Mrs Terry (shop lifter) John Terry is the most unfortunate man in Britain. How else to make sense of the litany of misunderstandings that have

Terry Pratchett

Someone say you like these brilliantly humerous books - such black comedy without being rude, death taking a holiday...amazing collection of books

Terry Pratchett starts process to take his own life

Terry Pratchett starts process to take his own life The fantasy writer Terry Pratchett says he has received consent forms requesting assisted suicide but has not yet signed them Ben Dowell The Observer, Sunday 12 June 2011 Sir Terry Pratchett

Tolkien meets Terry Pratchett in 'FAIRYLAND & THE REVOLUTION

Hi all After lengthy battles with my Agent, I finally got the rights to put up my literally 'epic' novel on Kindle. (Its a big doorstop of a book, clocking in at 650 pages). If the idea of a mad grotesque hybrid of Tolkien and Terry Pratchett strikes

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