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SOLD - NS Majesty dirtjumper fo sale

selling my NS Majesty dirt jumper to fund another is in 100% structural and mechanical condition, and about 75% cosmetic condition (scratches and a few dings on the bars/forks).NS Majesty frameMarzocchi 4X RC3 forksSpank Tweet Tweet


anybody know if they make pasenger floorboards for a swing or if any can be adapted.

Seats...can't live with them, can't sit without 'em

Greetings all...quick question. Noticed on last long (~200 mile) ride that I was starting to get a bit of monkeybuttage. Was wondering what you long distance types use to combat that issue?

Nice Silver Wing review

I came across this on another site and thought you would all enjoy this. It is a nice write up and I think they got this one right-on. Sometimes motorcycle reviewers don't give very good reviews. Hope you enjoy it.

Getting ready for new season: Performance and comfort mods

I tooled around the neighborhood this afternoon just to warm up the bike. It was about 40 degrees F. outside. Not too bad.No WAY I'm going through another summer of bum torture, so I've decided to get a Day-Long saddle courtesy of my tax refund

MPG Weirdness on a Majesty

Sooo.. Cathy and I rode all day Saturday and Sunday.Saturday PM we gassed up both bikes. Both had been ridden the same number of city/town miles. The Wing got 54 mpg and the Majesty got 73!!Sunday, we rode down I-5 at 65 mph in a massive headwind

400 burger versus sh 300i

Hear alot about burgmans, i was  thinking about a 400 burgman when i purchased my sh 300.But what put me off was its fat rear end and its wieght .Also its cost new with abs was around 6 grand wow.A friend got a old burgman ,i had a go what struck me was i

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