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Hello I know discussing actual tennis matches is not really the thing to do on this forum but I thought I'd stick up a belated thread on Basel. You can also add your thoughts on Valencia if you want. emancipator

15 in a row for the Big 4 at the 1000 point level, what does that say about tennis?

What we have seen is an uprecendented dominance of slams by three players in the last few years. Now at the 1000 point or Masters level formerly the top 4 guys have won the last 15 events in a row. Players like David Ferrer who is currently world number 5

Tennis overgrips on clubs

Hi pros,Yesterday at the range I saw this guy with tennis overgrips on his clubs. I chatted him up and got a chance to hold the club (5i). It felt pretty good.Just wanted to know, is this recommended\allowed? My diablo edge irons have a

The question of talent in tennis

It's often so easy for a physical specimen like Nadal to be confused as not as talented as some players mostly as a result of opinion and preference but here is what Nadal himself had to say on the issue with talent;Question: It's easy to see power,

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