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Hello I know discussing actual tennis matches is not really the thing to do on this forum but I thought I'd stick up a belated thread on Basel. You can also add your thoughts on Valencia if you want. emancipator

Chris Kermode - Can He Improve Drug Testing In Tennis?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/tennis/25109296 I thought it was an interesting read. How well do people see Kermode doing as ATP new head honcho?

The question of talent in tennis

It's often so easy for a physical specimen like Nadal to be confused as not as talented as some players mostly as a result of opinion and preference but here is what Nadal himself had to say on the issue with talent; Question: It's easy to see power,

Tennis overgrips on clubs

Hi pros, Yesterday at the range I saw this guy with tennis overgrips on his clubs. I chatted him up and got a chance to hold the club (5i). It felt pretty good. Just wanted to know, is this recommended\allowed? My diablo edge irons have a

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