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Violent Tendencies

Free forum : We are Violent Tendencies the best guild in Guildwars and there is no one can take use

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Those annoying tendencies

Hello! This be Grape. I would go purple but the school's keyboards are messed so... not gonna bother. Anyhow... I'm just wondering, anyone have any annoying tendencies? For example, my annoying tendency is that I'm a tail magnet.... and it goes both

Grey Knights - IG as proxy Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

Hello All I know the list is an IG list with GK allies but I am a Deamonhunters player who loves the smell of napalm in the morning (or evening, midday etc....) I wanted to try and create a speedy interdiction force based around Grey Knights, this is b


Well this must be the third forum I post my Gallery lol! Hope you enjoy it. Most of them you might of met/seen but here you get the opportunity to see my new additions! Im going to start by posting my overall bots then do an individual post for

500pt list

I recently made up this for fun. any thoughts on fixups would b apreciated 500pts brother captain w/ 5 IST with 2 of them carrying melta gunz LRC smoke 2 imperial guard squads should be 499 total

Imperial Guard Stormtroopers

I am looking for 5 metal Imperial Guard Stormtroopers, these guys: In the alternative, I would like 1 of the above. I need 5, so I don't want to have to buy 8... I'd prefer to get 5 here though.

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