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P. transvaalicus, T. stigmurus, B. jacksoni (CHOCOLATE MORPH!) Trading for T's and scorps!

No minimum order required!2.0.0 Parabuthus transvaalicus cb Mature males $50 each, both for $75 obo0.0.15 Parabuthus transvaalicus cb 2i, $15 each, 3 for $40, 5 for $65, 10 for $135 or best offer0.20.0 Tityus stigmurus cbb 5th and 6th instars $40

Difference between Androctonus bicolor and aeneas morph?

Hi. Does anyone can differentiate these two magnificent creatures? Appreciate if you can provide a clear photo of the two specimens.

Hector Morph?

Could someone please differentiate the normal from the Lybicus and Hector morph.If you have pictures please post them so that it would be much easier to see the difference rather than imagining the descriptions for each morph. Thanks

Species morph´s

well, i found recently some interesting species on the net somewhere (i dont know the copyright holder - let me know or sue me dude!)but i like to share them with ya folks...Zeog and Frig (cool and dangerous)Hippobates & Avidile

A. scuttatus morph (Piebald)

HiA few years ago while road cruising myself and 2 friends came across this beauty which had just been run over. Hope he mated many times before he diedJP

morph questions

for example guys a.australis hector morph and another a.australis libycus morph.. they can mate

Centruroides gracilis (cuban or Florida morph)

hi can anyone identify if this is florida or cuban morph centruroides gracilistnx in advance

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