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Albino Gaboon Viper (Bitis gabonica )??

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has seen or heard of an Albino Gaboon Viper (Bitis gabonica) ? I had a friend tell me there were some out there but was not sure where. I thought if there ever were, someone on this forum would know. Thank You Very Much !!

A. scuttatus morph (Piebald)

Hi A few years ago while road cruising myself and 2 friends came across this beauty which had just been run over. Hope he mated many times before he died JP

Black-morph hissers?

Anyone else seen these? I was cleaning out all six roach tanks today and found a few in with my G. portentosa. They're completely black instead of brown or with brown / black banding. It's kinda cool. If my colony were larger I'd be tempted to try

Species morph´s

well, i found recently some interesting species on the net somewhere (i dont know the copyright holder - let me know or sue me dude!) but i like to share them with ya folks... Zeog and Frig (cool and dangerous) Hippobates & Avidile

Difference between Androctonus bicolor and aeneas morph?

Hi. Does anyone can differentiate these two magnificent creatures? Appreciate if you can provide a clear photo of the two specimens.

Calloselasma rhodostoma colour variation....

Hi there, I actually keep 3.2.0 C.rhodostoma, with interesting changings in colour. Here some pictures: Calloselasma rhodostoma. The bigger female, ready to breed. Very dark phase, with blueish reflects. She's an CB05 A CB male 06,

Newest black rat snake morph

These are Moonshine rat snakes.  The original male was found in Horry County, SC by my friend Jim Godfrey.  It is a tyrasinase positive albino (T+ albino).  He also captured a female normal colored about 100 yds from where he found the Moonshine male.

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