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Virginia's Reptile and Amphibian Forum

Virginia's forum for reptile and amphibian enthusiasts. Join today to help a fellow hobbyist or look for help. Classifieds available.

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Bristlenose Plecos, and color morphs/genes

Ok guys, I know I have read sometime in the last month about how albinos come about, and I believe it was written by bristlenoses but not sure. I had a brief talk with Sarah about what the outcome would be if a red/albino pair bred. So, who has the

Oriental Honey Buzzard dark morph???

Master Tou, need you help again.....the ID correct?1.2.Flight shot, bottom view

Yugioh Zexal Featured Duel EP 123

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - Episode 123"The Hero's Triumphant Return! Carrying On a Friend's Will!!"The one-hundred and twenty-third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on September 29, 2013.As the human and Barian Worlds begin to

Crosses...What do you get. Please help!

As the title says...I am trying to wrap my head around how the genetics of bristlenose colour and fin length works. I am slowly getting an idea but i am missing a few bits of data that i need to complete my picture. so i am appealing to all the

How To Make Slendermans Face

I am currently in the process of starting up my own Slendervlog, (I have $340 set aside now as opposed to the $30 I had when I posted my last question related to this so thanks to whoever it was who convinced me to raise my budget) and I need help with a

Morphing jar

in my constant effort to find and build the best alternative win deck i built a deck based on making the opponent discard cards until they have none left and i win by default via morphing jar and needle worm.i dueled a guy who claimed morphing jar was

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