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A. scuttatus morph (Piebald)

HiA few years ago while road cruising myself and 2 friends came across this beauty which had just been run over. Hope he mated many times before he diedJP

Calloselasma rhodostoma colour variation....

Hi there,I actually keep 3.2.0 C.rhodostoma, with interesting changings in colour. Here some pictures:Calloselasma rhodostoma. The bigger female, ready to breed. Very dark phase, with blueish reflects. She's an CB05A CB male 06,

Parabuthus villosus `oranje morph`, Hottentotta salei

0.1 Parabuthus villosus `oranje morph` (Namibia) 6. instar more Parabuthus villosus `oranje morph` pics1.0 Hottentotta salei more Hottentotta salei picsultraviolet light:more ultraviolet pics

Black-morph hissers?

Anyone else seen these? I was cleaning out all six roach tanks today and found a few in with my G. portentosa. They're completely black instead of brown or with brown / black banding.It's kinda cool. If my colony were larger I'd be tempted to try

Difference between Androctonus bicolor and aeneas morph?

Hi. Does anyone can differentiate these two magnificent creatures? Appreciate if you can provide a clear photo of the two specimens.

Species morph´s

well, i found recently some interesting species on the net somewhere (i dont know the copyright holder - let me know or sue me dude!)but i like to share them with ya folks...Zeog and Frig (cool and dangerous)Hippobates & Avidile

Ball Python color morph?

Howdy all,I recently acquired an adult female Ball Python and after some looking and general comparison, my room mate and I are under a slight impression that she isn't a typical color morph, possibly something special, in the photos I have attempted

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