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Project: Realism Role-Play

The meaning of this forum, is to display information about the server, factions, families, staff, everything you need!

project, realism, role-play, meaning, display, server, #factions, families, staff, need!

Manifest Destiny

A roleplaying forum set in a not so very distant future where Humanity has splintered into warring factions after trying to seize their place in the heavens.

manifest, destiny, roleplaying, distant, future, humanity, splintered, warring, #factions, seize, place, heavens


We are Providing you the Most Active Roleplay Server. . You can do Multiple Jobs, can apply in different Factions and Many More Connect to Explore More! Admin

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Sony Gamer's Alliance

From the ashes of Gametrailers that sought out to thrash our private forums, we rise up and migrated from GT to create a site to preserve our independence from trolls, flamers, and other nonsense. WE WILL NOT DIE!

sony, gamer's, alliance, from, ashes, gametrailers, that, sought, thrash, private, forums, rise, migrated, create, site, preserve, independence, trolls, flamers, other, nonsense

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I need tekkit help :(

To be honest with you, my brain HURTS... I've just lot my NEI GUI and no solution would bring it back again so im re-d/l... But once i get it back im stuck!Im having energy issues and i dont understand enough about it to solve them using the wiki

Name for factions other than Kabals, Cults and Covens?

Well, we all know that the Dark Eldar organise themselves roughly into self-contained factions, being the Kabals, Cults, Covens, Shrines (Incubi) and Gangs (Hellions).The problem is, what are groups of Reavers called, ever since they split from being

Which factions fight against each other?

So, I had been thinking about all the factions and more specifically (if you read the title you probably know) do they ever have conflicts where both sides are the same.So, my thoughts on few of those are here:Space Marines (any chapter):Would

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