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Fire Emblem: Exalted

Complete with a unique combat system and numerous joinable factions, FE: Exalted is one of the most in-depth Fire Emblem RPs on the internet.

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We are Providing you the Most Active Roleplay Server. . You can do Multiple Jobs, can apply in different Factions and Many More Connect to Explore More! Admin

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The True War

In the Wake of the End War, the final conflict that all but destroyed Orium, our world, to pieces, new factions rise, old ways are resurrected, and the Arena opens once more. Now war forms again, slowly, to decide the fate of the shattered world, and

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Sony Gamer's Alliance

From the ashes of Gametrailers that sought out to thrash our private forums, we rise up and migrated from GT to create a site to preserve our independence from trolls, flamers, and other nonsense. WE WILL NOT DIE!

sony, gamer's, alliance, from, ashes, gametrailers, that, sought, thrash, private, forums, rise, migrated, create, site, preserve, independence, trolls, flamers, other, nonsense

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Bored in Tekkit Classic, Need Suggestions.

I've been doing a playthrough on single player Tekkit Classic for a while, and I've ran out of projects.Here's a fairly complete list of my projects:Created all the power items for EE2Built a massive quarry.Developed several different infinite

Northern Water Tribe WAR Decree & Battle Factions !!

I, King Anuk of the Northern Water Tribe, call to attention my fellow warriors and healers. We find ourselves at war yet again, against the new Nation of magicians! It is during this tumultuous time that we must band together and face our opponent with th

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