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Free forum : A place to come and hang out and have fun

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The best place on the Net for Face Painters to trade tricks, tips and keys to success!

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Autism Tattoo

So for my next tattoo..i really wanna get the Autism Jigsaw, with a quote and the word "Bro" Just for my bro, who suffers autism...and im a real believer in autism awareness. I want bro just above the tattoo..then a quote beneath it.. but i like tha

Where to get tattoo?

so im thinking of having the quote:'The love of a family is life's greatest blessing'+ if it could fit somewhere (which i highly doubt) id have 'mother father brother'or something like that toobut yeah where do you think the quote would look


Quote:Criminal tattoos are in fashion among gang members and criminals. Through tattoos marked over their bodies, criminals show their allegiance to their respective gangs. It is interesting to note that many times criminal tattoos record the

What piercings and tattoos do you have??

Random topic ! ..But i love piercings and tattoos I have 4 tattoos 1 down my right side of a big flower very pretty, 1 around my wrist in latin saying what goes around comes around (regret that 1 some times), an angel on the left side of my bottom

Safety tattoos

This company will personalize safety tattoos for your child to wear if you are out in a crowded or unfamiliar place. These are great for amusement parks, a day at the beach or anywhere else you may go with your child.

Fuckin dickheads! Pervs nd walkers on fb bitchin bout tattoos!

Right so my fb is private for a reason and usually all I have on display is a photo of me nd James my oh to make it clear I'm in a relationship but I recently changed it cus I wanted a better photo of my hair.Almost immediately some random guy Iv never

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