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Harrise's Never Ending Random Picture Thread

Like the title says. This is going to be a constant thread up in that right hand corner over there ------------------------->...

Babycurus Jacksoni 1.4 VIDEO update 9yh december 2010

Today I got 5 Babycurus Jacksoni which I have been looking for for a while so I'm psyched UPDATE:Checked on the colony yesterday!

Gone to the Snowdogs - Fan Version of what dog people say- Video

Mya and Kody are in it too!! Mya's at like the 2:25 minute mark and Kodys at the 3:20 mark.So cute!

Time Flies, Pigeon Video..

just watched this short video on youtube, though some of our members might like it too........

Temper Tantrum (video)

Bode doesn't like me to change the sheets on the bed. Observe:The result:image by sara.white.2012, on Flickr

Inspirational video alert

Whenever I feel lazy or like giving up I watch this. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qX9FSZJu448

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