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Gone to the Snowdogs - Fan Version of what dog people say- Video

Mya and Kody are in it too!! Mya's at like the 2:25 minute mark and Kodys at the 3:20 mark.So cute!

Video of my 125 with new 'scape

Here's the video of my 125. It took a while to prepare the Buddha sculpture for the aquarium. I saw it for $16 at Ross department store, and it really "spoke to me," lol. It is made of plaster on fiberglass, and painted a metallic

Harrise's Never Ending Random Picture Thread

Like the title says. This is going to be a constant thread up in that right hand corner over there ------------------------->...

How To Determine The Gender of Your P imp or Het: Video

Full length video, finally got it up today...

I wonder what this argument is about?!! *Video

Have to love these crazy nuts!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv3vJgJT7HE

Andis clipper blades for sale

While checking my garage, I found a few brand new Andis Ultraedge clipper blades.As I am no longer grooming professionally, I don't need them.Anyone interested in 2x5F, 3x7F, 2x10, 1x15 blades?Say $30 each, plus postage - or pick up from Glen

Buffalo Wolves - Video

(I forget if I posted this here or not...)I recorded a documentary on wolves and how they hunt buffalo. Really interesting.(The Nature of Things with David Suzuki)http://gorillavid.in/embed-njxi8z9boeai-960x480.html

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