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Babycurus Jacksoni 1.4 VIDEO update 9yh december 2010

Today I got 5 Babycurus Jacksoni which I have been looking for for a while so I'm psyched UPDATE:Checked on the colony yesterday!

Inspirational video alert

Whenever I feel lazy or like giving up I watch this. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qX9FSZJu448

Temper Tantrum (video)

Bode doesn't like me to change the sheets on the bed. Observe:The result:image by sara.white.2012, on Flickr

Gone to the Snowdogs - Fan Version of what dog people say- Video

Mya and Kody are in it too!! Mya's at like the 2:25 minute mark and Kodys at the 3:20 mark.So cute!

Harrise's Never Ending Random Picture Thread

Like the title says. This is going to be a constant thread up in that right hand corner over there ------------------------->...

Time Flies, Pigeon Video..

just watched this short video on youtube, though some of our members might like it too........

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