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This is for Tamil Scholars here. Tholkappiar approved the use of Sanskrit words in Tamil poems

While i was randomly going through the original tholkappiyam book, i came across the lines, where it is mentioned that words can be borrowed from sanskrit for the literary poems.In page# 63 of the tolkappian book referred in previous comment, the

Tamil Nadu: Marks scandal rocks Anna University


Tamil Idiot

One Hidayathullah trying to argue why he opposes Kamal Haasan's movie:http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/india-decides-9/vishwaroopam-cultural-terrorism-or-justified-ban/262949?hpAnd we have misguided people like Max who seem to think that TN muslim

To Tamil lovers (Tamil site in Tamil)

http://ta.wikisource.org/  Tamil site in Tamil

When Tamil leader K Kamaraj would give tamil speeches in Bihar

Cho says that Modi’s inability to connect with crowds directly in Hindi won’t matter, pointing to the example of former Congress president Kamaraj addressing Bihari audiences in Tamil in the 1960s and drawing applause after every sentence. “It’s all

Video of an unusual Tamil wedding (3 minutes). It may scare Hindians some but hey its life

Video of an unusual Tamil wedding. It may scare Hindians some but hey its lifehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP-3EyUhmEs  3 minutesHindians, ask your Hindia loving Tamils what the Tamil writing behind means

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