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Free forum : Equine Acres

The RPG that is about horses, wild, powerful and tame. Romp through the wildflowers or dance through a dressage competition. Everyone is welcome to join.

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Internazionale, time to bust the myth!

I am tired of this Inter=loser fixation people seem to have around here... hey, get outta denial, the tide has turned... wake up and smell the coffee... Inter have won the last 2 coppa's, the last 2 supercups, the last scudetto, and are rated as 4th

Chadwick was tough to tame

Chadwick was rough for our first time. They have great bathrooms, camp sites, and had very little people there. The riding was a little tough as our guide my buddy took us down, down, and down this hill. Then we had to get back up. Rock drop offs as w

How to train swing tempo?

I have an inherent problem with swing tempo, since the day i start to take golf seriously 4 yrs ago. I am too quick in the backswing, resulting in a momentum that pulls me a little taller, and the club shooting past parallel. The next problem is I don't



Tamworth & District

I was in Tamworth yesterday servicing a pump or two. The local river was running very high & coloured. I visited the town tackle shop & renewed a missing feeder or two etc... Shop was staffed by a lady. Very friendly so I got chatting about

Tame Deer Ready For Fishing

I love to see stuff like this. It reminds me of a trip I was on, years ago. There were tame deer everywhere, that was the first time I ever got to touch a live deer. It was a special moment for me. I don't care to admit that I have soft spot in my heart

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