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Free forum : Native Spirit

Free forum : Role Play, debate, and meet other people

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Peoples Republic of Warzone Asia

The forum for the People's Republic of Warzone Asia

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NK Thieves

Free forum : The home to the Guild of Thieves, servants of the Goddess Hozoltxotl.

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The US evangelicals who believe environmentalism is a 'native evil'

The Cornwall Alliance, a prominent group of religious thinkers in the US, explains why it urges followers to 'resist the Green Dragon' Watching from afar how the environmental debate plays out in the US can be perplexing for many onlookers.

Blending MM with native soil??

Our native soil has been really good the past few years and just about anything grows in it very well. I know that the "official" way to do SFG is to use weed barrier and only use the Mel's Mix but it is kind of pricey for our budget. I am considering

Purchased worms vs. Native wigglers

Thought I read every worm post that was posted. Not sure if my thinking is correct here --- Did I miss something? I have native worms either originating from below the boxes once covered in cardboard, or above from added homemade compost. I am

Native American Silver and trollbeads

I'll put a proper set together tomorrow but this is the idea its been my avatar for a long time on msm. When I went into a native american jewelry shop the old chap running it, absolutely loved the combination of the beads with his bear.. obviously h

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