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Freestanding punch bags etc?

Does anyone have any recommendations for home striking equipment for when you don’t have a pad holder around? I rent my flat and I am not sure it would stand up to bolting bag brackets from the ceiling anyway. I do have a little outside space with a


Joe Jordan and Newcastle goalkeeping coach Andy Woodman almost had a touchline punch-up after Younes Kaboul was sent off yesterday. Woodman told Joe where to go following Jounis Kaboul's sending off for his spat with Cheik Tiote and Joe screamed back,

Ring's Top one-punch KO artists

All Time 1. Joe Louis 2. Ray Robinson 3. Thomas Hearns 4. Bob Foster 5. Sandy Saddler 6. Earnie Shavers 7. Sam Langford 8. Stanley Ketchel 9. Jack Dempsey 10. Mike Tyson Honorable mention: Rocky Marciano, Max Baer, Sonny


Old school Punch 160

A colleague of mine has a couple of old Punch amps. One is a Punch 40, the other is a Punch 160. He was wondering what kinda price the 160 would bring, should he decide to sell it. Any ideas? It sure brought back old memories of my first amp--the

The Conch Punch

Sherman "The Tank" Williams on his upcoming fight with Robert Helenius : “I look forward to coming to Finland. I will bring some sunshine to Helsinki. I have a special punch, the Conch Punch, an overhead right, and the Tank will catch Robert

Uhh, WOW...1910 Punch Cobb

I apologize if anyone thinks I am "outing" this card, but it is listed in the correct category so I dont think anyone is going to miss it regardless. If this is real, its amazing. Has anyone seen a Punch Cobb

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