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Prince Chords & Tabs

Prince and other funk chords, tabs & music discussion.

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Ultimate-Ukulele :: Tabs, Chords, Techniques ect.

The ultimate forum to learn to play ukulele and discuss ukulele!

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Segatabs - the web's largest sega tabs site

tablatures de sega. segatabs - the web's largest sega tabs site

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Rock Music Forum rock and metal forum

Rock music forum the best rock forum for metal and rock music fans

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Some guitar tabs ^.^ you like them Good luck~

The stooges The Weirdness album tabs

Hi everybody! I'm 20 years old guy from Russia. The Stooges is one of my favorite band. I play guitar about 2 years (electric about 1 year).When I searched tabs for Stooges "The Weirdness" album songs in Internet I found nothing!If somebody have it,

The Stooges/Iggy Pop bass tabs

Please tell what kind of bass (either 4 string or 6 string/w/ frets or fretless) and just simply post the tabs for it. Easy as that!For example, I'll post Iggy's "Sister Midnight" (for 4 strings)First, play

Sheet music - tabs, ..for Camel Lost and Found and Red Baron

Hi,My band is trying to play those tunes but I'm having a hard time finding any music for them.I have the Conundrum but I thought there was sheet music for other instruments than drums but how do I find them.I'm having an even worse time with

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