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t207's way harder than the big dumb monster

i got a little cash for cards, but this t207 set is out of control!! just watching two cards on ebay that i need one is a pelty 2bids 300$ the other is a Donnelly with 3 bids 315$ i don't know were i'm going with this but i paid that for a nice sgc 30

T207 Cycle Backs

Does anyone have a list of possible T207s with Cycle backs? Thanks Lee

Arandy's T207 Article

T207 By Randy, Full Count member I’ve wanted to write this article for a long time. In my opinion the t207 brown backgrounds are one of the most overlooked sets. People take one look at the front and decide that it is an ugly set. But I feel

More from the GeorgeD t207 Red Cross collection

George sent me the "missing" scan #6. He originally said he didn't want to show them because he thought they were bad cards because they were duplicates and in lesser condition. You be the judge

T207 Red Cross (this is a must see for everyone)

I have a Louis Lowdermilk Red Cross as well as 6 other Red Cross brown background cards.

t207 Anonymous theory

I don't recall any discussion about theories as to who might have distributed them. After seeing what was in the GeorgeD collection you can make some pretty good assumptions. The original collector smoked Red Cross and Coupon. My guess is that the

Donlin a top T207 Rarity?

I was watching this T207 Donlin that ended the other day with special interest. I don't follow the set too closely and am a novice when it comes to T207's, but I've been looking out for Donlins, and this is the first one I've seen for sale in a while.

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