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The Socialist Phalanx

Welcome to the Socialist Phalanx, the online community for revolutionary socialists and progressive nationalists.

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Socialist Rifleman

For everyone further left than the centrist Democrats.

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A New Path For Syndicalism

Allright so I have been thinking about Syndicalism and the direction it should go in and I thought I might as well write my thoughts down here. After all forums like these are good for feedback I suppose. Now then, to be honest, Im not your typical

National Syndicalism

I would like to talk with you about the roots of this political movement. I've written these lines to clear some positions and to remember some historical events or persons linked to revolutionary syndicalism in all its forms. George Sorel can be

Leaflet: An introduction to National-Syndicalism

Leaflet: An introduction to National-Syndicalism - English translation (2013) This leaflet is a publication of the National-­Syndicalist Platform (NSP). The National-­Syndicalist Platform was founded to advance the national-syndicalist idea, and in a

Corporatism vs. Syndicalism

As far as I can tell, the only difference between fascist corporatism and socialist syndicalism is that corporatism refuses to abolish the capitalists' control of the workers. Can someone explain the differences to me?

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