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Knoxville Area Otaku United

The official KAOU Forum!

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East Tennessee Four Wheel Drive Forum

Full sized Off Road vehicles of all flavors are welcome here. This is the place to openly discuss and share within our community. From Jeeps to Buggies we all share the same trails. Rock Crawling

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Oct. 13-14 Fanboy Expo ... Knoxville Tennessee.

Name: Fan Boy Expo When: Oct. 13-14 Where: Knoxville, Tenn. Cost: $30.00 but will go up up at the door to $40.00 for entire weekend. However, day passes are available. Star Wars Celebrities in attendance.

2 big dinosaur parties this weekend, trying to find as many dinosaur ideas?

have a big 10yr old birthday party this weekend as well as a 6 yr old dinosaur party... seen some great ones but theres so much detail in them, not sure i can get all the kids painted in time? this one i came up with last night, i couldn't sleep at 4am...

Sanitary painting for swine flu

How is everyone changing their ways to ensure a more sanitary way as NOT to possibly pass these germs from child to child. They DO NOT have to show symptoms yet to be contagious! Any suggestions? I have quite a few kids functions coming up with approx

Catherine & Sean Tweets/Facebook Updates - Thread #2

Wow. I'm a bit late coming into the game and there is not introduction thread so I guess I'll just have to start here :) I've watched The Bachelor since the 1st season but it seemed as if relationships went downhill season after season so I jumped off

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