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Dawn of Ashes & The Judas-Breed

This forum is intended for usage by the Dawn of Ashes fan base [The Judas-Breed]. Any and all inappropriate usage of this forum will result in removal of content, and being banned from future usage of the forum.

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Naruto's Way of the Ninja 3.0

Free forum : A Naruto based RPG. The result of two other forums of success, in search for even better results

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Awp Hacker List!

Report in this Topic Hackers/Rule breakers etc... And pls dont spam in this Topic! List !NooooB RuS (Speedhack)FiestaLover (Speedhack)sadfasa (Speedhack)EfB (Aimbot){Mr.Jaguar}_[$tarrk]« (Aimbot)C/\T (Aimbot)

Hazem Hacker

Hi,the player "Hazem" user the Superman hack (Flyhack). You can see it at the end of this video:Greetings,mathi1993

Hacker arrested

I often read on threads how Jagex do not care and do nothing but sit back and take our money to play Runescape(something i have never agreed with).Well when reading the newspaper this morning i came across this item which goes to show that Jagex does car

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