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Free forum : MV Thai Lotto

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Corehouse Li'l Hacker

Hello everyone. I am considering getting this just to have something to toss around. I do not like foam models at all but do not want to destroy a good vintage style model I spent hours scratch building. Anyone have experience with it? I hope to get my

Corehouse little Hacker kits

Stunt/ combat trainer from Corehouse. Easy to build and fly for all 1/2A cox engines .049/.051's etc. Not for everyone but they sell these in twin packs. Foarm/wood iron on covering. Low heat SLC film. Easy to work with and woirth a look. Good size stun

Lil Hacker Questions

I hope Ken and any others who have built the Phil Cartier (CoreHouse) Li'l Hacker will respondWe have bad weather here so building a few birds like the Mongoose, VooDoo, and a few Dawson "hawks".On a whim I ordered and received a Gotcha Streak RST

Luna's test result's

Ruling Test: 10/10https://testmoz.com/312780Match Results: 20/20Win/Loss Ratio0:2=0/201:2=5/202:1=10/202:0=20/20Duelist Skill(Based on play style) 15/15Rulings: 10/10 (Averages from the ruling test and any noticeable mistakes wit

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