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SCD 2014 Main & Result Show

Wow, I am really liking the opening week of Strictly 2014! I feel vindicated now that Jake appeared to be really good with his hips. But what surprised me was that he was very promising with his ballroom hold in his tango! Pixie I was expecting her to

International Gsei Web Tournament II Edition - Result

Hi, It 'just begun italian round robin for Group E. The best 2 chess engines will promoted to group D. The crossboard are: Code:     Engine         Score TeMiPeLaNeRaAdGoFrBrGiLa    S-B 01: Testina III c  0.0/0 ·                    

Recent 1000 point army battle, result and list

Hello brothers! I recently took on a friend who battles with Orks in a 1000 point battle with "The Emperor's Will" Eternal mission from the new rulebook. The list I used against him went as follows: HQ OMI, Psyker, Psybolt ammo,

Season 7

Okay... how does one get to New Romulus?

Dark Summoning can't result!

I'm 79,but when  use Dark Summoning ,no monsters apper  ,what's the matter ?

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