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Naruto's Way of the Ninja 3.0

Free forum : A Naruto based RPG. The result of two other forums of success, in search for even better results

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Recent 1000 point army battle, result and list

Hello brothers!I recently took on a friend who battles with Orks in a 1000 point battle with "The Emperor's Will" Eternal mission from the new rulebook. The list I used against him went as follows:HQOMI, Psyker, Psybolt ammo,

【~ ★Яотнqцa Pяоjєcт ★ ~】 「RESULT'S UP」

*repost* #shotWelcome to 【~ ★Яотнqцa Pяоjєcт★ ~】's Second Auditions!✖ Deadline: August 17thWelcome all to Rothqua Project! We are looking to cast three more male singers and a mixer. The male spots are KAITO, Kiyoteru, and Gakupo. Our new

Dark Summoning can't result!

I'm 79,but when  use Dark Summoning ,no monsters apper  ,what's the matter ?

[CLOSED] RothquaP (Result's up.)

Well, just want to do some choruses with all of you =u= old/new you are, it doesn't matter to me. Yeah. LOL. So lets make it fast . Ohyeah btw, I don't have time to make Youtube Video Auditions, sorry =u=;; maybe next time.Let see, what's the title of

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