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Role Playing, story writing, poetry/lyrics, anything. YOU NAME IT! Come to Pens&Needles, the newest writing forum. Founded on Sept. 19, 2010.

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Secret Kamiki Forum - Your Aya Kamiki Community

Kamiki Aya (24 years old) is known for her liquid, powerful vocals and roots in pop rock and punk music. 2006 were the year of her revelation thanks to her 2nd single Pierrot and her first full album

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a platform to bring writers together in order to organize and decipher their individual voices. A writing forum? Sure, you can find a lot of different writing forums online and from around the world. What makes Scribbles unique is their diversity, we

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Spongebob Lyrics! :]

Here are a few awesome songs' lyrics! Now you can sing along to some of the songs if you dont already know the lyrics! The Sponge Who Could Fly - I'm Flying! He's Flying! He's flying, he's flying, he's really, really flying! They laughed, they

Coraline End Credits Song ENGLISH lyrics and normal lyrics

Creaking is the door so gently Side to side called your name Never ever ever ever open that door Things won't be the same Crawling is the spider's hand Searching for it's prey Soon you'll be caught next Trapped in the spider's web! Runnnn Saaaave

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