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Free forum : The Immortal Journey

Free forum : The only limit to life is imagination. free forum that allows any thing to happen to any kind of creature you wish to be.

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Roleplay Omniverse

Roleplay Omniverse is everything roleplay related from genre to category its free for all those out there race, religion, gender and or age there is no limit here.

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Sprite limit

I feel stupid for making a whole new topic for this, any it probably was suggested somewhere already, but here we go: Is it possible to change the sprite limit with code editing? Imo that's the most important change you can make, because it would make

Hacking the SWTOR forum sig limit

[ indent][/indent] after the sig My sig: [SIZE="4"]><><Ͽ{The OT Alliance}Ͼ><><[/SIZE] ※ 4/22 we will never forget... ※ | [URL="http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=229400"]Thread[/URL] |

What exactly is the affix limit?

I tried searching for key words affix limit to see how many diff affixes an item can have before they either drop or dont work or whatever.. but i didnt find a definite number.. Does anyone know how many affixes an item can have before it maxes out?

Fallout 4 mod limit

Do you guys think that FO4 should have a mod limit? I personally think no. We should have full freedom of how much mods we have. Your thoughts?

How to increase the population limit in AOE 3?

how to increase the population limit in AOE 3? can describe in detail or to attach the link?

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