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MAGE 101 - AOE Gameplay 02 (Deep Frost Build)

[ rapidshare link for high-rez video: rapidshare.com mage101_AOE_02.wmv.html ]This video shows another technique of Mage AOE Gameplay. It is a little harder than the one in tutorial number 01, but it is as effective, and you will down mobs a bit

Wizard 101 Pets

Wizard 101 is really fun. But the pets are so cool. They just follow you around on quests! I have an imp, a cyclops, and a piggle.My imp is a teen, and my other two pets are babies. If you see a blond girl named Lindsay that is above level 9, that is

101 mysteries that Detective Barricade has solved!

Oh yes....here's another one! #1: What the "official" colors were for Frenzy and Rumble.

Season Six Results and Statistics.

Here is where all the recordings and statistics for this Season will be stored, I ask the other admins not to interfere or post in this thread as it creates confusion. Statistics will be posted in the format below.[Goal Time] Goal Scorer (Goal

Terraria 101.

I have been playing a lot of Terraria lately. I was thinking about starting an Oasis Smp on terraria.Just an idea, but if any one wants to get more involved just pm me your steam name. My steam name: Djay5000or it might be brian.relleva

NWN 101

NWN Wiki is generally a standard among Neverwinter Nights players, but it occurred to me that not everyone might know about it (I think I was playing for almost a year before I first heard about it). The site covers the ins and outs of feats, skills,

101 Things To Do When You're Bored!

As any NSNW fan knows, Ahsoka's favorite magazine is 101 Things To Do When You're Bored.RachelisaJedi had this AWESOME idea-- why don't we write our own issue? So, numbering each post (i.e. #1: *insert idea*; -next post- #2: *insert idea*) and so on

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