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Pokemon Lapis

Welcome to the forum of the pokemon lapis site! :D

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Blood, Sweat, Glory Wrestling Forum

This is the forum of Blood, Sweat, Glory Wrestling of TWG.

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Humble House Of JadePaw

Welcome fellow JadePaw! Through Mana, Sweat, and Tears, I have conjured a realm, located neither here nor there, in time and space where anything is possible!

#humble, #house, #jadepaw, #welcome, #fellow, #jadepaw!, #through, #mana, #sweat, #tears, #have, #conjured, #realm, #located, #neither, #here, #there, #time, #space, #where, #anything, #possible!

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What if people are dancing thus sweat? How do you keep your art from dripping and smearing?

For those who've face painted adults at parties or nightclubs or mardi gras carnivales ... they dance, they sweat, the face paint smears all over their faces or drips. How do you keep it in place? Is there a spray or powder or something that will help hol

The stones the use/used on the show

I don't know if they looked up their meaning or if it's just coincidence. I have a thing for looking up gemstone meanings, and I thought I'd make this thread seperate from the the TVD jewelry thread.Let's start with the garnet stone in Elena's vervai

Sweating issues..

What are the best products out there for super sweaty faces.. I have seen sweat blockers before just wanted to get some personal experience opinions before I go but a few different things.. Thanks

Glitter Tattoos with Heat and Sweat!

Hi there! I have been doing Glitter Tattoos for a while now very successfully, but mostly when it's been cool or indoors. I'm in Florida (hot, humid and sticky) and have been doing an outdoor market and have been booked to do some summer parties coming

New Vocaloid 3 galaco Announced and Lapis's Sister Gets a Name

At Nico Nico Chokaigi 2012's *VOCALOID NEWS* event, representatives of i-style Project announced the name メルリ(merli) as the winner of the naming contest for Aoki Lapis’s elder sister. They will be auditioning for someone to voice the new sound bank soon.

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