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The Imperial Gunnery Forum is a vintage Star Wars forum created by collectors for collectors. Discuss Lili Ledy, Harbert, Palitoy, Meccano, Clipper, Kenner, variants and many more! Come see our new bootleg section for information on Uzay Hungarian an

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Vader Variants

Hi, I've posted this up in the Vader thread but wanted more people's thoughts on them so posted it here also. Thanks in advance./t223-darth-vader-figure-variants-thread Here's 2 scar coo variants, anyone got any ideas? Figure on the right is

My Loose Variants. UPDATED: Meccano, Top Toys

It seems to be the time to make a new limelight! After upgrading a lot of figures and after many new purchases and finds I gladly and proudly present you my collection of loose variants. (WIP---more to follow ). I finally had some time to

FS: Rare and Foreign variants (Takara & Lili Ledy) REDUCED for quick sale

I am selling the following rare and foreign variants. Please PM me if any interest. First come first served. Payment by paypal gift or you pay fees. Postage to UK is £3.50, Postage abroad is £8.50 Thanks Oli VINTAGE STAR WARS TAKARA

What variants are these?

Hi, I am not new here, though I don't write a lot. This forum have helped me a great deal. I have collected for about 15 years now, with ups and downs. But I never cared much about variations until lately. I got a ERG and 2 Leia Boushh that I am

Pokémon Nuzlocke/Nuzlocke Variants

So, any PokéFans here ever try a Nuzlocke Challenge (can only catch the first Pokémon seen in each area, and a Pokémon that faints is considered dead and must be released or boxed permanently) or a variant in one of their games? Did you manage to complet

Yoda variants thread

I'm getting help to sort these out, so I'll update when I can.

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