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Free forum : SEPA Airsoft

Free forum : Forum for all of South Eastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas to come together to talk about airsoft and airsoft events. Our goal is to also link together airsofters on other forums t

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The Star Wars Arena

The home of the SWBFII OFFICIAL ARENA ps2 server. This forum is for all Star Wars Battlefront 2 players.

#star, #wars, #arena, #server, #gametracker, #swbfii, #official, #battlefront, #swbf2, #players, #galaxy, #swbf, #video

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Finally Rodney has come to SEPA airsoft.

10+ Cool Points if you get the title.Hello al I'm Rodney over from Philly airsoft.I decided to join these forks as well to see where the action is.I live in the NE part of Philly.I would love to come to one of these KoP games at the chemplant one day but

SEPA App. For iPhone?

Just thought I would throw the idea out if anyone had an mac and the stuff to do it it maybe an good idea. I know I look at the site a lot from my phone and have seen some other Airsoft forms have one as well.

SEPA New Acquisition Thread

Thread rules: 1. Posts should be, but are not required to be accompanied by a picture that you've taken of your newly acquired item. 2. It's highly encouraged to describe what you've purchased. This is an opportunity to give others an idea of your

Two questions

Hello, I have two questions I'm hoping you all will be able to answer. First off what are the drawbacks of a Prometheus 650mm Barrel, and what does invoice mean in the forum? Thank you all

Condor mcr 6 question

Will the condor mcr6 ( fit ak mags in the integrated mag pouches?

FAST Helmet?

I am interested in the FAST Base Jump Military Helmet by Ops-Core but it is on the expensive side. Does anyone know of any other FAST helmets that are cheaper?

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