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VEGA Swarm

VEGA swarm chat

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The Wrestling Swarm Discussion

Come and discuss the world of professional wrestling's past, present, and future! Also, join the world of fantasy wrestling, as we rewrite the book. our way!

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Game Chat - Starcraft Heart of the Swarm

The trailer was just released yesterday I think: That face off scene between the Zerg and Terran army was so freaking epic I think they need to start making movies instead, the game will never live

Unown the Unown Swarm(Orre, Relic)

[center] Name:Unown Gender:Genderless Level 20, 20, 20, 20, 20 Moves:Hidden Power Ability Levitate Nature: Very condescending amongst each other when they discuss things, but to others they are emotionless and quite

Gadget Swarm

Hey guys, for the last few days i've been working on a gadget swarm deck but it needs alot of help with it. i'd like to heard what you guys have to say about it. now on to the deck. Monsters: 19 3 green gadget 3 yellow gadget 3 red gadget 2 card

Fish Swarm OTK

the goal is to ue big wave small wave or unshaven angeler to get the deepsea king coealacanth, use his effect to get 2 lv 4 tuners, 1 lv 4 monster and 1 oyster meister, Code: SUPERANCIENT DEEPSEA KING COEALCANTH Once per turn, you can discard 1 car


Ok, I know you guys have been worried about how to counter swarm, in that we need some sort of mass-removal card, but I want to know why this isn't ok?: |Phantom's Decision|84|ENIL|Spell Card|Spell|||||Select 1 monster you and your opponent control.

Verz Swarm needs some fixing...

So, this is my Verz/Inverz deck that I made recently. It's been doing good, but it's not consistent enough for my liking. I know a tribute deck can't get really consistent, but it can get better than this..... I also need you to try and slim it down to a

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