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Energy Suspension Bushings (Individual)

If you ever run into a situation where you need PART of a kitAn individual bushing (#2,3 & 4 lowers for the ES-4145 kit)Or just something based on dimensions you have Check these guys out.'re out in CA

ZOya's Shayari Corner !!

"Asad Ahmed Khan, yaani Rajnikanth plus Superman Uss mein jod dijiye Rambo, and then multiply by Jackie Chan" Shukriya, Shukriya!!! Feel free to add your favourites or your own creations

1/35 Working Suspension Kits

Hi all,These aren't new but I'd not seem them until this week so I thought I'd share: small Japanese company - their products can be bought through Hobbylink Japan. They make stunning working suspension upgrades

Energy Suspension Body Mounts

Looking for a little info from those of you who have installed the energy suspension body mounts (or even the oem ones for that matter).I recieved mine today at the shop, and let me start by saying.....what a joke! I paid 85.00 for the set that applie

Suspension Downgrade

Imagine a 1993 TBI car with 25k miles. A new car, pretty much. Only problem: It has the "Soft Ride" suspension setup. Ever tried driving something like that? It's plain ridiciulous. I have seen pillows with better handlingShouldn't be too hard to fix,


would 2" be too much of a drop for a daily driver( and i plan on gettin 275's all around)? anyone know where i can get a good price on some Kuhmos?

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