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After the storms far south coast

Anybody had any luck on the beaches after the big surf recently.I haven't noticed any change the beaches still full of sand.Haven't done much detecting anyway my wife keeps draging me out fishing I,m actually sick of catching fish now its been a pretty

Surfboards and VW's Let's see yours!

I put this on the Samba but I figured I would put it here too to catch anyone that isn't on the Samba or only goes to particular areas of it. I would like to see and hear about your surfboards mounted to your VW. What ever VW you have. I am just

Casimier Surfboards Truck Before and After


FOR SALE BIC sport 6'7' short board gerard dabbadie surf board

BIC surfboard for sale. only been used twice. in immaculate condition, no dings or scratches. Size 6'7" X 20 3/4" X 2 3/8 Selling for a friend looking for 150

Kingfish and Gulp

Hi everyone, I wanted some input on the Gulp baits for Kingfish. My family/inlaws spend two weeks on Lbi every summer. I would get there a couple days between work but I am now retired and will be there for two full weeks or until we kill each other

Circle One Kitesurf Surfboards

We have some of the fine and spangly Circle One waveboards instock now...great price and great quality too! Kind of what we are always striving to supply you guys i.e. Genetrix, Epic, Blankforce, Fluid etc etc Anyway anyone wanting to try one give us

Yeah it's that time of year again.....

All the Pro guides you see on the weekend TV shows makin you drool over the fish and tactics will be here next weekend..........I am takin Mini for his first show....Man I can not wait to see the awe in his face, when looking at a 10,000 gallon fish tank

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