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Registry of Suppliers/ Class "A" Documents

Comments...! 23.4. To facilitate determination of eligibility, the BAC of a procuring entity may maintain a registry system using the PhilGEPS or its own manual or electronic system that allows submission and/or recording/entry of eligibility

Suppliers' registry

Gud evening! Are there any standard format or criteria in establishing a registry of suppliers? What documents can we ask from them to facilitate faster eligibility checking during the bidding process? Please shed light on this.

Query on updated list of blacklisted suppliers

good day... where can we find an updated list of blacklisted suppliers? philgeps website has no record of it..

RE: Blacklisting of Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, Contractors and Consultants

The GPPB issued uniform guidelines on Blacklisting, My question, will these guidelines also includes the procurement for AMP? (since AMP does not involved elavorate bidding process, not unlike the CPB )


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List of Accredited Suppliers in Philgeps

Hi everyone! is anybody can help me. I am trying to find the list of suppliers in Philgeps. example: lists of medical equipment suppliers. Thanks in advance to everyone

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