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Anyone been to SuperNova?

Anyone been to SuperNova? Do they sell collectibles in there?

Need Roman Candle, Supernova & Burst of Feelings

I accidentally charged this collection too soon. Have many items to trade. My invite code is 746fa5. Thanks!

Help: Crafting the right Item level

I have a question regarding crafting. Looking around at some guides, I've noticed that some people have some of their items with specific procs & stats on them that you usually attain through crafting an item of a partcular item level of some sort.

A1-Ring Radiator Springs Racing

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENGLISH -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A1-Ring v1.0 - netKar PRO Radiator Springs Racing

Supernova X

Nation Link: Alliance: Supernova X Your Position: new member attempting to get into FA. Forum Link: Team colour: Brown


SuperNova.ctg by HALO_4 opt.: 0/100 link: SuperNova.ctg - HOTFILE

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