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Shizuru Viola vs. Superman

VS. I know, a pointless VS match. But let's have some fun with this one since Shizuru is so damn popular and Superman is so overrated. xD I've chosen Shizuru Viola, not Shizuru Fujino since that makes things more fair. Yes, Fujino had Kiyohime but

Happy Birthday, Superman! February 29, 2012: Happy Birthday Superman! February 29 is traditionally the day we celebrate Superman's birthday. Why February 29? Editor Julie Schwartz declared that Superman's birthday wa

DCnU Superman Thread (re: Action Comics and Superman)

Figure we can use this as a general Action Comics discussion. To kick things off, there's a preview of the first few pages at Overall, it seems Morrison wasn't kidding around

"Superman Returns" deleted opening sequence to DVD

I know alot of fans of "Superman Returns" (Even though there's not any of them here on this site) have been waiting for the "Return to Krypton" scene to be added to the film since the film's DVD release and it looks like WB finally

Superman's Physique

Just curious as to what people want Cavill to look like in the Reboot? Zack Snyder had the entire cast, including HIMSELF, workout here: And as you saw in 300, it WORKED. I think the above physique would be ideal for

Now-titled Superman/Brainiac DTV In The Works. 'Superman: Unbound'

Molly Quin is supergirl in upcoming dtv: Molly Quinn is Supergirl! by Spencer Perry July 17, 2012 Share this story In an upcoming animated feature DC really has a great handl

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