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1/6 Christopher Reeve-Superman custom

Hope you like this. A tribute to the best superman ever....Christopher Reeves.I used the following parts:1 x Mattel body suit with new decal1 X boots, undies belt and cape from a member from another forum1 x head painted by me1 x hot toy

superman statue for sale

for sale 20 inch superman statue $100 plus shipping

Hot Toys gets the Christopher Reeve Superman licence!

I just read it on facebook, I'm sure Mythie will post a link soon... My wallet will be in trouble if they do a Hackman Luthor too, I'm still hoping for a Reeve/Keaton team up for my shelves.....

Smallville: (Superman As A Teenager) 2001 just wanted to ask if this is just the 'Pilot' ep from the season 1 DVD set or is it like a TV moive that cames out Separately from season 1, thanks

Superman Vs Hulk

Close enough...obviously super man will most likely win but if you think about it the Hulk is pretty cheap to he can take most DC characters out because he doesnt tire much and the longer the battle the more he rages / gets stronger if ya know what I

London burning

not really one for you U.S. lot... but there are riots and looting happening already my house!!!flipped cars, buildings on fire, looting. riot police. shit just got reeeeaaaallll hows america doing?

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