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Sump/Refugium Design

The Sump/Refugium design below is the system I built and currently use on my 125 Gallon Reef tank. I use two small return pumps instead of one. If one goes out I still get circulation through the Sump/Fuge. It might seem a little overboard bu

Amiracle sump

I have a Amiracle sump for sale $20. 24L 10W 16tall with out that PVC 90. With the 90 its 19tall and there is a 1 3/4in hole on the right side for a retrun pump

Strikingthematch DIY Sump

Hello again everyone! Well as some of you know I always have some kind of project on hand and this time I will be making a wet/dry filter for a future 125 gallon tank I will be setting up in the next few weeks. It will be a fresh water tank used to hol

DIY Sump/Refugium

Making a sump/refugium for my 2.5 pico out of an aquaclear 70. Im definately interested in how this is gonna turn out. Materials: Activated Carbon Spongey filter thingy Heater Chaeto? Sand Liverock Hagen Aquaclear 70 and its guts are gonna be cu

40 gallon breeder need good size sump tank

I have a 40 gal breeder tank and want to build a sump and overflow for it and was wondering if a 20 gal tank would be big enough for this task. I will say now thanks for all of your imput.

The sump is finished

I have been wanting to get a Mandarin, but have only a 20 gallon reef tank. Lots of Pods, but have read that a Mandarin should not go in less than 40 gallons. So I decided to build a 20 gallon sump/refugium as a place to raise more pods and get the

Need custom refugium sump

I have a 45 gallon fresh water tank that I converted to saltwater about 5 months ago. I'm currently running 2 piggy back filters and want to convert to a refugium sump. I would like to have about a 15 gallon sump capacity but my cabinet space is small.

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