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Umbra Equinox

Welcome to the breathtaking lands of Umbra Equinox. With a variety of 10+ rooms and 7+ species to roam, there is never a dull moment. Donations are always appreciated and for now, subscriptions are free for the next seven days. Admin applications are

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I M Corona distributor in US

Just got this off the corona web site. MIKE Music City Marketing, Inc(USA) 477 McNally Drive, Nashville, TN 37211,USA 1-800-251-3016 1-800-770-5448

George Devinna, 73, Arrested for Possessing, Receiving, and Distributing Child Pornography Via File-Sharing Network

A Homeland man has been arrested on federal charges alleging he used a file sharing network to receive, possess, and distribute child pornography, announced Steven Martinez, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office. George

Pulver's Pipes.... The James Norman Saga....

Below was taken directly from Marty Pulver's "Pulver's Pipes" website.It's regarding James Norman a New Jersey based pipe importer and retailer.... ________________________ Tues. June 10, 2008 Immediately below this introduction is a

Dunhill tobacco suppliers

When I went to my B&M today hoping to pick up some Dunhill Flake and the owner said that he couldn't get it because the American supplier had pulled out of The States. Anyone else hear this? Is there any truth to this?

Gawith availability - update

I called the Samuel Gawith folks two weeks ago -- they said that the next shipment to the US is scheduled for mid August. So, we won't have to wait to much longer to restock on FVF!

Radice Pipes

Greetings Gentlemen, Just picked up this beautiful Radice online. The poker shape is my favorite and this baby is BIG. I am anticipating a great deal of smoking pleasure. Question: Where does Radice stand in the pantheon of Italian pipe

Erik Stokkebye Resigns

In a sudden, surprise announcement, Pipes Magazine just learned that Erik Stokkebye has resigned as President of Villiger-Stokkebye International, effective immediately. Roy MacLaren is the new President of the company. Mr. MacLaren has previously worked

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