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Hi there, I'm new to this board, but not to HO cooking

Hiya gang, I'm Taffy, (yes, I am Welsh). I've been using a HO for about two years now. I am very interested in the type of HO that I spotted on a Sky shopping channel. I think it's called the Visicook Crisp & Bake. It has a stirrer in the base, to

Camping with Halogen..

Hello everyone, my new halogen oven should arrive tomorrow, and I'm very excited. (I know, I should get out more.) My question is, does anyone know if the power of these machines is suitable for the electric hook ups that you get on British camp sites?

To halogen or not to halogen.....

Hey all, I just joined this eve for some good honest advice! I live in shared accommodation with a kitchen that has no oven. I have used my slow cooker to death and made some lovely stews and stuff, but I am seriously missing deliciously crispy roast

Hi im newbie halogen oven user

does pork crackling come up crispy in this oven

How much do stylists make?

Apropos of nothing, I came across this article which I thought was interesting. Both in how little stylists can get paid and also how often it's film studios or events who pay the stylist, not the

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