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5 stud wheels

Ok i have a golf gti 5 by 100 stud pattern what wheels will fit of other cars ? I know some Audi wheels will fit any others as just looking about for some cheap wheels

Wynara Stud

Breeding Riding Ponies and Welsh B's of the FutureStanding at studWynara Charisma black 14.3hh reg RPSB, Part Welsh, Saddle PonySalient Master Bronze Liver chestnut reg Welsh b, approved RPSB and Saddle Ponyyoungstock for sale, some

Help please converting 5 stud to six stud

hi all victos here from sydney australia ,i was wondering has any one converted their five stud hubs and diff axels to six stud ?is it posible to use the four wheel drive ones? and help is greatly appriciatedcheers vic


Maybe this can help someone out,I have 3 sets of these Stud Girdles ( no adjusters) From my research, I have found that these are supposed to be made by "Proformance Engine Parts" (PEP) , Part # SG-6B... they are for the A-460 Head (will NO

One Solution for Broken Studs: Titan Stud Extractor

The few tools by Titan that I have purchased have all been of excellent quality.Recently, I found myself needing to remove two broken studs from a pair of exhaust manifolds for my '95 Roadmaster wagon. I had used one of those old skool concentric stu

Shock absorber stud removal

Hi Guys,I got a new OEM stud from Motorworks today. Can anyone advise the best way to remove the existing, undamaged stud? Is it threadlocked and if so is it with the stuff that needs heat to free it up?Two nuts on the existing thread and rotate

Changing MK4 cabrio from 4 stud to 5 stud to fit TT Cups

Do only Mk3 GTI hubs and discs fit or are there any other options from other dubs and has any one out there got some to sell

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