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Off leash runs

So, how many people here let their dogs off leash for runs? My boyfriend and my step dad took our two Huskies and his puggle out to an open field a few nights ago, and my step dad got my boyfriend to let the dogs off the leash one at a time, and just let

EZDog Mutley Leash - Does it work?

Hey Guys, Does anybody have any experience with the EzDog Mutley leash? I'm looking to get a shock absorbent leash for Mya and Kody so when I"m ACTUALLY ABLE to walk them together that

Can huskies ever be trusted off the leash?

Hi I've had a few people tell me that huskies can never be trusted off the leash in unconfined areas no matter how well trained they are... Is this true? Cheers

HELP! Dog won't pee on-leash

Okay, so I was hoping Demon would learn it's okay to pee places other than our backyard, but it hasn't happened. We've taken them almost everywhere we go since we got them. I don't think he's EVER gone while on the leash. He waits until we're home then

Ruff Wear Leash - Flat Out OR Knot-a-Leash

I need to get yet ANOTHER pair of leashes for Mya and Kody. Ridiculous how much $ I spent on them. Anyways, that's besides the point. I know that Heather mentioned the Knot-a-Leash in another thread and I love the fact that it has a locking mechanism V

On and Off the Leash - What do you think?

Just looking for some ideas and thoughs on leash training. Well in actual fact more interested to hear what fellow husky owners think about letting their husky off the leash. My boy is pretty well behaved (it's all relative) in that after he's had

Advice needed, Dog wont go to the bathroom while on leash

Sorry if this question has been posted before, this is my first day as a member on this site. I have a 16 month old Husky who is currently living with my mom while I'm waiting on my lease on my apartment to run its course. My problem is, he refuses to g

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