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An RP based in Miami, Florida. Crimes and dodgy deals go down in Miami.

#sunset-strip, #based, #miami, #florida, #crimes, #dodgy, #deals, #down

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Should "W" Strip Cards Receive Numerical Grades?

There has been some debate about whether strip cards should receive numerical grades. Some think they should they all receive the authentic only ("AUT") because they were all handcut from a strip at one point. What do you think?Vote and

1921 W551 Strip Card Ty Cobb-Fake or Real?

I was checking out you forum and saw a post about a fake T206 Ty Cobb. I had a friend who recently encountered the same card. I looked at his scan of the card and the link posted on regarding the fake Cobb and both cards have the same

Need suggestions on a mild 460 build for a street/strip Maverick

A pal is looking to do a mild 460/c6 build for a Maverick he picked up on the cheap. He's looking to build a solid and reliable street/strip car on a fairly minimal budget. He has experience with import turbo cars, but is looking to get into some Detroi

The new strip

It looks very smart, if I must say. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on either of the home or away strips.Also, a great gesture by the club to choose the pink away kit. It's great.

New WV Drag Strip!!! Hopefully

I might have to build a pavement pounder if this takes off! This would be awesome since I can only mud bog a few times a summer, I could drag race the other weekends.Hopes to be NHRA by 2012.Is there any other WV guys in here that would frequent

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