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Well I've been thinking of doing a bit more with fiberglass, but this time rather than just start sloshing resin about I thought I might do my homework first and find out how to do it properly.Ok, so the first thing I found out was I need to make a plug

Jorge Masvidal vs Kimbo's boy street fight

For those who haven't seen it before, BE reminded me of it in an article.

Poppy burning scum

who insulted our war dead gets 50 quid fine. great well done the british justice system. Pandering to these radicals and bringing forward the islamification of this once proud and now shite nation. Top this off by paying the cunt 800 quid a month in

Peugeot 307 WRC Street Version

Hello Again Mates,This is a Peugeot 307 WRC from tamiya. I chose to build this one as a street version, or test car if you may say, and I didnt apply the decals.The Color is Tamiya Italian Red, with Gloss Clear clearcoat from Mr. Hobby.Let me

My 94 Streetfighter Project

Hi all, well at first bought this bike to keep standard & enjoy it as it was but I got bored & fancied having a go at building something a bit different.So I've stripped the bike right down & I'm now in the process of rebuilding it with

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